Phnom Penh (FN), July 8 - The National Election Committee (NEC) welcomed over 65,781 national and international observers for the upcoming 6th National Assembly elections; NEC also issued ID to 910 journalists from 92 media outlets to be the observers, according to the NEC's report on Sunday.

The report added that among the 65,781 observers, 65,744 is locals, 6,543 female from 100 different associations; while 37 is international observers, 9 female from 9 different associations of different countries.

NEC highlighted that among the top international news agencies, AFP, KYODO NEWS, Thomson Reuter, Associated Press (AP), EPA, Xinhua, AI Jazeera, Channel News Asia and NHK also participate.

The deadline for national journalists to submit their applications to be observers is by 19 July 2018, and 26 July for the international journalists.

Cambodia will hold her July's general election on 29 July 2018.