Phnom Penh (FN), August 9 — Singaporean Ambassador to Cambodia Michael Tan expressed his support for the Cambodian general election 2018.

At the commemoration of the 53rd Anniversary of Singapore's Independence held on August 9 in Phnom Penh, the ambassador told one of the Cambodian senior officials that the Government of Singapore pledged to strengthen and expand relations of the two countries.

Singapore also appreciated the parliamentarian elections in Cambodia with high voter turnout of 82.89%, the highest figure in history.

Cambodia held her general election 2018 in late July with a participation of hundreds of international observers, and that her electoral process was unanimously recognized as a smooth, free, and fair election.

According to the National Election Committee (NEC), 82.89% among the 8.3 million registered voters turned out in Cambodian general election 2018; the result reflected that Cambodians learnt to exercise their rights to vote to elect their political parties in favor without pressure or coercion.

Prime minister’s Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) received 4.8 million votes, or 76.78 percent, of the total valid votes, according to the National Election Committee (NEC)’s preliminary results.