Phnom Penh (FN), August 15 - General Thong Lim, Deputy Police Chief and Chief of Hotline, representing General Neth Savoeun, National Police Chief, on Wednesday morning, conducted a second annual review of the 2018 performance of City-Provincial Police Department, along with other embassies in Cambodia.

According to a report of the hotline on the second quarter of 2018, 178 foreign investors and visitors in Cambodia were victims, of which 61 are Chinese, 22 Vietnamese, 14 French, 13 British, and 11 Australian.

The report added that foreigners living in Cambodia have committed 88 crimes; 17 cases were drug-related crimes, accounting for 19.31%.

Police arrested 378 people, 25 nationalities, of which 257 are Chinese nationals, 37 Nigerians, 14 Vietnamese, 12 Thai, and 8 South Korean.