Phnom Penh (FN), Aug. 20 - The forum for the 20 political parties between the Royal Government of Cambodia represented by Prime Minister Hun Sen and other representatives of the 20 political parties will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, 21 August 2018, according to an invitation letter from the cabinet addressed to the political parties which Fresh News received late Thursday.

As of Monday afternoon, 16 political parties announced to attend the forum, while four others, namely Our Motherland Party, Grassroots Democratic Party, Khmer Anti-poverty Party, and League for Democracy Party rejected the invitation.

“On 21 August 2018, I will have a solidarity meal with representatives of the 20 political parties at the Peace Palace,” Prime Minister Hun Sen wrote on Facebook on Monday, adding that “the meeting will discuss to form a Supreme Council of Counseling among all the 20 political parties racing in the general election.”

“Ideas will bring about positive interests for our national development. It will reflect our unity and solidarity in accordance with democracy,” he underlined.

According to Prime Minister, the forum will provide opportunity for other political parties, not representing in National Assembly, to contribute their policies and ideas for the effective leadership of government and national development.