Phnom Penh (FN), June 29 – Prime Minister Hun Sen challenged Lao’s visiting Prime Minister to put the blame on Cambodia for recently blocking a joint statement by the Association of South East Asian Nations on the South China Sea issues, saying that Cambodia refusing to endorse the statement was no more loss than what Cambodia suffered in 2012.

Prime Minister Hun Sen made the remark during the celebration of the 65th anniversary of Cambodia customs and excises this morning of June 29, 2016, when diplomats from many countries including ASEAN were also attending.

“Since Cambodia has already been blamed for that, I have just said to Thongloun SISOULITH (Lao Prime Minister) right away that please Excellency just put the blame on Cambodia, should something happen,” said the premier.

“Now that representatives of ASEAN countries are already here, May I take the opportunity to say how come that a problem happens between the Philippines and China and then ASEAN should come out with a statement? No, not only that Cambodia would not support such a statement, but Cambodia is opposed to it. And that’s it! ”he added.

“I told Thongloun, Lao Prime Minister, and also ASEAN chairman, that if something goes wrong, just blame me, since we would not lose any more than what we had in 2012 when they came and abused us right at home. The world is unfair. Small countries are often abused by lager countries and rich countries tend to suppress poor countries with aids,” the premier said.

Nevertheless, Prime Minister Hun Sen continued to insist that countries involved in South China Sea disputes try to resolve the problems by peaceful means other than getting ASEAN engaged in the issues.