NEW DELHI, Aug. 4 (Xinhua) — Three bodies have been recovered from the flooded Savitri River amid search for missing in bridge collapse in Indian state of Maharastra, official said Thursday.

"We have recovered three male bodies and search operation is now going on in full swing," an official said. "Body of bus driver of state transport was found around 120 km from the site of bridge collapse."

The search operations for missing vehicles and passengers drowned in the river resumed in the morning. The disaster response force has expanded the search to 150 km in two districts of Raigadh and Ratnagiri.

Reports said 20 people in over a dozen vehicles are feared dead after being taken away by strong water currents of flooded river. However, the exact number of missing people in the tragedy remains unknown.

On early Wednesday the 50-feet highway bridge collapsed in Raigadh district, about 63 km south of Mumbai city, the capital of Maharashtra. The bridge connecting Mumbai to famous tourist resort of Goa crashed in River Savitri due to flood waters triggered by heavy monsoon rains.

Authorities have pressed in Air force, coast guard and four teams comprising of 120 personnel of disaster response force to search for the missing vehicles and bodies.

Reports said a large crowd of people including family members of missing persons have gathered to watch the rescue efforts.