BANGKOK, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) — One person was killed and 30 others wounded when three bombs exploded late Tuesday in the southern Pattani province, less than two weeks after a series of blasts and arson attacks hit the south.

The first blast at 10:40 pm in a parking lot close to a pub behind the Southern hotel caused no ausalities, while the second, which came from a pickup truck, exploded in front of the Southern hotel at about 11:00 pm, killing one female and wounding 30 others.

The third bomb, hidden in a trash can, exploed at about 11:30 pm near a local market and caused no causalities. All the casualties were Thai nationals.

The blasts came less than two weeks after a series of unexplained explosions and arson attacks hit various provinces of southern Thailand, killing 4 Thai people and wounding dozens, including 11 foreign tourists.

Pattani is one of the three southernmost provinces where a long-running insurgency intensified in 2004.