PHNOM PENH (FN), September, 6 – In the wake of the start of direct flight between Cambodia and Japan, officials said number of Japanese visitors and other nationals who travel to Cambodia via the flights is on the increase.

Tith Chantha, Acting Minister of Tourism, told Fresh News in the afternoon of September, 6, 2016, that after the launch of the direct flights from Japan, number of visitors to Cambodia either Japanese or other nationals is gradually augmenting, since it is convenient to them. Earlier, travelers to Cambodia had to stop over in a neighboring country before they could get to Cambodia, he added.

“We’ve observed an increase in the number of visitors but we do not have the exact figures yet. We are still waiting for a full monthly report. It is convenient now for them to come to Cambodia; a difference from what they would have to do in the past when they had to take connect flights from this and that country. However, let’s see the full-month report first,” said the acting minister.

The Ministry of Tourism and the State Civil Aviation Secretariat (SCAS) inaugurated the launch of direct flights between Tokyo, Japan and Phnom Penh, Cambodia on September, 1, 2016, by the Japanese All Nippon Airways with a view to bringing more visitors and investors from Japan to Cambodia.