PHNOM PENH (FN), September 12 – Prime Minister Hun Sen strongly warned against a mass demonstration planned by the opposition Cambodian National Rescue Party saying that the government would at any cost never allow such a demonstration to take place “no matter when, what the size and in what form it will be since it would constitute a serious threat to the people and to the nation.”

Prime Minister Hun Sen said via Fresh News that he would at any cost not allow CNRP to hold the mass demonstration. The premier has instructed Interior Minister Sar Kheng and the armed forces to be prepared for such an illegal mass demonstration.

The premier considered that the demonstration planned by CNRP is seriously threatening the Cambodian government, causing serious harm to national security and the government is prepared to destroy any illegal force.

“For two days now that CNRP has been threatening the government and the country’s stability. It is therefore time to reply to them that we would allow that to happen,” said the premier.

“At any cost, we would not allow it, no matter when and in any form. There would be no solution found outside of the judiciary and the court would convict those who have committed wrongdoing,” said Prime Minister Hun Sen who also warned against any misunderstanding that the government does not possess the right to use force to protect peace for the country and safety for the people.

“I would like to warn those who have committed mistakes not to continue do more or they would just encounter backfire and be held accountable before the law,” the premier said.

It should be recalled that the threat of a mass demonstration by CNRP came in the wake of the conviction by Phnom Penh Municipal court against deputy opposition party leader Kenm Sokha sentencing him to five-month imprisonment and a fine of 800,000 Riels ($200) for “refusing to appear in court” under Article 538 of the Criminal Code on September, 9, 2016.

After the conviction was announced CNRP has held a series of gathering of its supporters at its headquarters and has issued statements that it would continue with advocacy activities against the government.