Phnom Penh (FN), Oct 14, 2016 – Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen thanked China for cancelling the debt of 600 million Yuan, an equivalent to approximately USD 90 million, and continuing to assist with further development of Cambodia, according to Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Facebook page.

China will also provide 100 million Yuan, an equivalent to approximately $15 million, to support military sector as a gift of the visit of Xi Jing Ping to Cambodia.

"Through the official visit of President Xi Jinping, Cambodia has strengthened its friendship and comprehensive cooperation with China that bring about a great deal of benefits for Cambodia-China brothers,” wrote the premier in his Facebook page.

“We would like to thank our China brother for wiping out Cambodia’s debt and for the continuous support to Cambodia’s further development,” stated the premier. He also wishes the Chinese president and China’s senior delegation a safe travel and greater success, as they departed Cambodia at 9:40 of October 14, 2016 after a two-day fruitful visit.