Washington (FN), May 13 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen expressed his sentiment to his late elder brother Hun Neng despite hectic schedule in the US.

The premier wrote on his Facebook on 12 May 2022 (Washington time) as follows:

“Elder brother, although you passed away without saying goodbye to your wife, children, relatives and friends, you received condolence letter from Cambodian king and queen mother. The king also issued a royal decree appointing you as Samdech [Oudom Tep Nhean].

All level leaders in both national and sub-national, as well as armed forces at all levels sent condolence letters, paid tribute and attended your funeral. Monks and people also showed compassion for you and your family.

At the ASEAN-US Special Summit in Washington, ASEAN leaders mourn on top of their condolence letters. During the meeting between ASEAN leaders and US business leaders, the program coordinator also expressed his condolences at the official meeting.

In addition, what surprised me is that the US president Joe Biden said to me: “my deepest condolences to you on the loss of your brother”. This was the first word he said when delivering his full remarks in his capacity as the US president, and I delivered the full remarks in my capacity as the rotating chair of ASEAN and the Indonesian president delivered his full remarks in his capacity as the ASEAN-US facilitator. He [US president] is sentimental and respectful, for he had lost his wife, children and siblings. Therefore, he understood my sorrows.”

“The US counterpart highly appreciated my efforts in this visit to the US, which has contributed to achieving the fruitful outcomes of ASEAN-US Special Summit. Elder brother, please rest in peace,” the premier added.