Laos (FN), Feb 22 – The Regional Forum on Hydropower Dam, known as “Pak Beng Dam” along Mekong River was held in Laos with the participation of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, regional NGOs, International Research Institutes, development partners along with over 164 entrepreneurs.

Cambodian inter-ministerial delegates to participate in the meeting are from Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Cambodia National Mekong Committee (CNMC).

According to CNMC's report, the 3rd Laos hydropower dam in Mekong River that will produce 912MW has gone through many discussions following the constructions of Xayaburi Dam and Don Sahong Dam. This dam is 1,550 kilometers from Cambodia-Laos border, and about 270 kilometers above Xayaburi Dam.

Based on the procedure, each involving member has to submit their response regarding the MRC Prior Consultation Technical Review Report to the project host by June 2017.

“Pak Beng Dam will change water flow, water quality, sediments, fish migration and biodiversity, which will affect citizens depending on resources of Mekong River. The studies of environmental effects, societal traveling, and ways to reduce bad effects will be what Cambodia and other members want," according to CNMC.