Phnom Penh (FN), March 8 – Prime Minister Hun Sen met with Interior Minister Sar Kheng to discuss strategies that will promote women to provincial governors and armed forces of all levels as ways to encourage gender equality.

The premier believes the arrangement will elevate the value of Cambodian women as leaders in prime institutions.

The meeting was held after the 106th commemoration of Women's Day, under the theme “Women for Peace and Development," Wednesday morning at the Koh Pich Exhibition Center.

The government has already appointed a female deputy provincial governor and the premier nominated two other women as provincial governors.

“As for the defense sector, we should have women as commanders, as the General Commissariat of National Police (GCNP) already has one,” said the premier.

Gendarmerie police spokesman Eng Hy stated that currently there are 300 women working in the GCNP.

The premier also encouraged development partners to continue funding projects that promote gender equality in Cambodia.

In the meantime, the premier reiterated the importance of experience and education as women work to enhance their capacities in those positions.