Kep (FN), July 15 - Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, has formulated 8 plans in a talk on Friday to prepare an annual major tourist event, the 6th Sea Festival, to be more interesting and functionally smooth.

The meeting was attended by Ken Setha, Governor of Kep Province and relevant officials of the province.  

Those 8 plans are:
1.  Location is in front of Kep Provincial Hall
2.  Boosts infrastructures as well as accommodation facilities
3.  Trains and strengthens the quality of tourism services
4.  Guides local people to have well decorated home and be ready to provide additional accommodations
5.  Cooperates with Ministry of Commerce to organize special exhibitions of local products
6.  Organizes interesting performances
7.  Organizes a variety of sport activities
8.  Ensures safety, security, and public order during the festival

He suggested that the stakeholders need to strengthen and create newtourist resorts.

"We need to strengthen community management, potential agro tourism of the province and be ready to provide qualified service as well as tour operators," the minister said.

"Vendors shall not to increase the prices of goods and services during the festival," he urged.

In the first six months of 2017, 693,334 tourists visited Kep, including 29,093 international tourists.

The 3-day Sea Festival in Sihanoukville province in 2016 was chaired by PM Hun Sen and his wife.

The festival attracted around 500,000 national and international visitors.