Takeo (FN), August 2 – The judge confirmed to sentence Ly Chhaya, for posting false information on Facebook accusing the Vietnamese for kidnapping Cambodian children for their organs.

“Ly Chhaya, 30, who owns the Facebook account 'La Chhaya' has been detained for posting fake information about the Vietnamese kidnapping children for organs,” said Kim Santepheap, Ministry of Justice spokesperson.

"The provincial prosecutors of Cambodia reported that there is no case of kidnapping children for organ harvesting, in opposition to the false reports that have been circulating on the social network,” he added.

According to Article 425, the falsification of information is punishable by one to two years in prison and a fine of 500-USD 1,000, and according to Article 495, the penalty for inciting is punishable by six months to two years of imprisonment and a fine of 250-USD 1,000.

“Prosecutors have been carefully monitoring, investigating and enforcing the law on dissemination of these false accusations which are causing fear and chaos. They are calling for an immediate stop to the spread of information that is not true," said Kim Santepheap.