Phnom Penh (FN), August 28 - Seeing economic growth in Cambodia, Matsumoto Hiroaki, owner of Kakegawa Yeat Pig Farm, plans to invest approximately $1 million to open a pig farm in Cambodia if the first experiments on Kirirom mountain succeed.

The remarks was made during a ceremony on World SHIP Orchestra Concert on Sunday at Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center.

Matsumoto Hiroaki said he is currently testing about 10 pigs in Kirirom Mountain in Cambodia with their natural feed.

He added that after a few months of experiments, he had seen positive results that led him to fulfill his dreams of opening a pig farm in Cambodia in the future.

For the price, he is studying the market for easy sales, whereas in Japan, they sells pork for about $70 a kilogram.

He added that he has high expectations for the project to be successful because of the level of population and the growth of Cambodia's economy.