Phnom Penh (FN), September 4 – In response to the U.S's Statement concerning the arrest of Kem Sokha, president of Cambodia National Rescue Party, Prime Minister Hun Sen clarified that the arrest was made to protect Cambodia's peace.

“We note with grave concern the Cambodian government’s arrest of Kem Sokha, respected leader of the political opposition, on a number of charges that appear to be politically motivated”, according to US’s statement released on Sunday.

The premier also told the US to not try to overthrow Cambodia through the color revolution as in the Middle East.

He recalled the bitter moments of Cambodian history in 1970, when there was so much suffering.

The statement was made during the inauguration of Islamic Mosque in Kompong Cham province on Monday.

Prime Minister declared that he will take action against groups that want to destroy peace and freedom of Cambodia.

“We must eradicate groups that destroy our peace. We do not harm anyone. They are responsible for their actions. We will not allow anyone to destroy our national peace”, he added.

At the same time, the premier also called on investigations to arrest those who involved in Kem Sokha's treason.