YANGON, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- The "Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA)" extremist terrorists set fire on more than hundreds of houses as they attacked some villages in Maungtaw over the last two days, the government's information committee said on Tuesday.

The ARSA extremist terrorists burned down 50 houses after exchanging fire with the security forces in Aukpyuma village. The terrorists also set fire on about 120 houses in Ountaw village as the security forces were conducting clearance operation.

Moreover, about 90 houses in Dingar, Sawkeenama and Hontarya were also set blazed by the terrorists, who detonated two explosive devices at some of the houses.

In Thinbawgwe village, terrorists burned down more than 400 houses as reported by the security forces.

Extremist terrorists launched renewed attacks on 30 police outposts in northern Rakhine on Aug. 25 and as of Aug. 31, more than 52 terrorists attacks occurred, which killed 13 members of the security forces and injured 15 others.

Fourteen civilians including seven Hindu people and five Daingnet ethnic people were also killed while fleeing the attacks.

About 38,000 Muslims people from Rakhine state have reportedly fled to the Bangladesh border.

Amid threat from the ARSA extremist terrorists, the security forces have evacuated 11,720 ethnic villagers to safer places and provided them with aid, the military said, adding that clearance operations against ARSA extremists terrorists were going on in the region.