Phnom Penh (FN), September 6 - Kong Vibol, Director General of the General Department of Taxation has filed a lawsuit against the Cambodia Daily owner, general manager, and the publisher for tax exemptions.

The lawsuit was submitted to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court (PPMC) on Wednesday.

Leaders of the three Cambodia Daily newspaper include Deborah Krisher-Steele who owned Bernard Kriser Jmushi Co., Ltd. (Cambodia Daily), Douglas Eric Steele, editor-in-chief, and Bernard Krisher, the publisher.

The three were sued for tax evasion and impeding the implementation of tax provisions.

Deborah Krisher-Steele was also sued for public defamation.

In a letter of complaint, the General Director stated that Bernard Kriser Jmushi Co., Ltd. (Cambodia Daily) has been operating the Cambodia Daily in Cambodia since 1993, but has just registered the tax on March 17, 2017.