Germany (FN), September 25 - More than 200 Cambodians enjoyed the Khmer Solidarity Meal, which was organized in Germany on Sunday, presided over by Hun Manet, lieutenant general in the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces.

Hun Manet said he arrived in Germany today to meet with citizens and to inform the situation in Cambodia.

"I came here not to let you hate anyone or doing any defamation. Providing information about what citizens want to know or about the country is our rights as the rights of all Cambodians, not the exclusive rights of any party. They has the rights to listen to anyone, so that they can consider, and I will not force you to believe in what I am saying”, stated Hun Manet.

He thanked everyone for the participation, which showed a sense of solidarity as a united Cambodian.

More than 200 attendees welcomed Hun Manet and expressed that they were happy to meet him and listen to stories about Cambodia’s progress.

This is the third trip to European countries. Apart from this official visit, Hun Manet also plans to meet with Cambodian youth and students, Khmer-Chinese businessmen, and many Cambodians in European countries.