Svay Rieng (FN), Oct 12 - Prime Minister Hun Sen decided to build another health center on Thursday in Koki Commune, Romeas Hek District, Svay Rieng Province, where many villagers were affected by the U.S chemical bombs, according to Health Minister, Mam Bunheng.

The decision was made after Health Minister, Mam Bunheng, and his officials reported earlier today that they had found three Cambodian children who were radioactively affected by U.S chemical bombs dropped during the civil war in the above location.

The Minister stated that the children had birth defects such as disproportionate mouth, big head and skin allergies.

This statement was made after the Minister’s personal observation around the bomb sites and through discussion with the villagers while conducting medical checkups.

The Minister said, “We have conducted medical checkups for the villagers and found three abnormal children. There are birth defects such as big head, disproportionate mouth and skin allergies to children up to 14 years old. According to the checkup, I believe that it is caused by the US chemical bombs.”

The Minister added that there might also be other villagers’ abnormal children and that we will continue to conduct medical checkups for them.

The U.S chemical bombs had been dropped around Koki areas during the 1960s and 1970s in which the government’s chemical experts and CMAC had found over 15 bombs already. The experts said that these chemical bombs are very powerful and dangerous, especially they can cause birth defects.