Phnom Penh (FN), Oct 20 - Heng Ratana, Director General of Cambodia Mine Action Center (CMAC), stated that US Embassy’s claim that the bombs found in Svay Rieng Province were tear gas and not chemical bombs had clearly insulted Cambodian victims who were affected seriously from abnormal conditions.

“I personally think that the US Embassy’s claim clearly insults the Cambodian victims who passed away, especially the ones who risk their lives on demining and the ones who are currently suffering from abnormal conditions caused by US chemical bombs," said Heng Ratana.

According to International Law, any country that has used or chemicals in another country must report to the Secretary at The Hague, Netherlands. We need justice, trust and responsibility.

"I personally respect good bilateral cooperation, but never with irresponsibility and accusations. We hope to remove all US-dropped bombs for peace and security of Cambodia and its citizens. With the United States, we hope end the era of war murderers which are hindering development of Cambodia, stop the return of any cruel and inhuman acts in Cambodia, and establish harmony between Cambodia and the United States," he added.