Siem Reap (FN), October 25 - Pung Kheav Se, Chairman of the Board of Investment and International Cultural Tourism, invested 100 million Yuan ($15 million) for the establishment of Angkor Dynasty Entertainment Center in Siem Reap.  

The center is built on a 6,000 square meters space which fit  over 1,000 visitors to showcase this attractive investment project to the public.

Speaking at a press conference on Angkor Dynasty Entertainment Center on Wednesday afternoon, Pung Kheav Se stated that Angkor Wat, one of the seven world's wonders, is not only the world's architectural property, but also the sanctuary of the human spirit and a great legacy of art.

Pung Kheav Se said that Angkor Dynasty Center is to showcase theatrical performances, commercial sites, theaters, entertainment areas, restaurants and many more.

Angkor Dynasty Center will feature events such as circus arts, dance, music, clothing, culture and creativity of artists from China and Cambodia.

Performances also portray the history, ancient civilization and the beautiful scenery of Cambodia.

Pung kheav Se also mentioned that this investment is a milestone in the friendship and cooperation between Cambodia and China and the pride of the Cambodian people.

This project will benefit Siem Reap tourism, providing better services for both domestic and international visitors.