Svay Rieng (FN), October 30 - Ka Rotha, President of the Svay Rieng Health Department, reported to Fresh News that 36 Cambodian villagers were still being treated in Svay Rieng Hospital due to abnormal health conditions suspected to be caused by the US chemical bombs that had been discovered around the Koki areas.

He added that recently, there had been 117 victims that were being treated from Koki areas, where the majority suffered from skin allergies and the others suffered from other abnormal symptoms.

Cambodian Mine Action Center experts have recently found 15 more US chemical bombs around Koki and its neighboring areas over Romeas Hek District, Svay Rieng province.

After the US ignored and claimed the chemical bombs instead as tear gas, the Cambodian government invited the US ambassador in Cambodia and its senior officials along with the United Nations to come and freely touch or smell the bombs.

Chey Son, General Director of the Department of Chemical Control of the Ministry of Defense, said that they have conducted research using equipment bought from Germany on the chemical bombs and successfully found them to be Nitrogen Mustard which could be called as Blister Agents.

The chemicals in these bombs could severely cause effects such as swollen skins, inflamed skins and shortness of breath.

He added that Nitrogen Mustard or known as Blister Agents are in Category One of all chemicals that are prohibited from using in the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons of the United Nations.