Phnom Penh (FN), November 1 – After announcing to the public of Hun Manet’s bet with Men Nath, the Chairman of the CWCI and his team has surrendered and rejected a bet with Hun Manet.

“A few days ago, Men Nath and his team wrote to me that he had the information and evidence to support their allegations.
Not even one hour, Men Nath suddenly rejected a bet. Meanwhile, he accused me that by knowing he cannot find evidence, I came up with a bet. How come?”, Hun Manet wrote on his Facebook on Wednesday.

“Men Nath and his team are not surprised that me and the public ignore and stop value what he and his team have written or published because they have no real basics”, he added.

The bet between Hun Manet and Men Nath was made after Men Nath and his team accused Hun Manet of hiding $200 million at BNP bank and buying Le Palais Socialiste's headquarters in France, with a bidding up to €58 million (about $68 million).