Phnom Penh (FN), November 1 - After Sam Rainsy sent a secret letter to Kem Sokha and directly accused Mao Monyvan for betraying CNRP, Kem Samathida, Kem Sokha’s daughter, bluntly reacted to Sam Rainsy’s secret letter.

“My father had long been painted and never escaped, in detention. If the detainee has given up, is it difficult for the people who is released on bail to not lie and cheat, but to unite in a trouble time and not to attack each other?”, Kem Samathida wrote on her Facebook a few days after Sam Rainsy sent a secret letter to Kem Sokha.

CNRP lawmaker, Pol Ham and Mao Monyvann recently claimed that the Senate voter list made by senior leaders and Kem Sokha, president of CNRP, is in line with the law on political party.

However, Sam Rainsy has alerted the accuracy of any decision issued by Kem Sokha because of his detention that may be subject to pressure. He added that the party's official decision is a decision issued by the Permanent Committee members.