Phnom Penh (FN), November 7 - President of Cambodian Youth Party, Pich Sros has considered the United States is the most dangerous country for the world due to its lack of responsibility for its actions.

The remark was made on Tuesday after the United States has ceased aid for demining activities in Cambodia from 2018.

He added that U.S is the one who dropped those bombs on Cambodian territory, so U.S should not think that the demining activities is a humanitarian aid and the U.S government must be responsible for the spending on this removal.

Heng Ratana, director general of Cambodian Mine Action Center told Fresh News on Monday night that the United States has ceased aid, with an amount of $2.5 million per year for demining activities in Cambodia.

Ratana, however, said that despite the lack of funds, the Royal Government of Cambodia, Prime Minister Hun Sen and other development partners ensure that CMAC is not retreating.