CARACAS, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) -- The Venezuelan government on Thursday confirmed that it will be meeting with representatives of the opposition Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) next week to continue dialogue towards political coexistence.

"We reaffirm what has already been asserted: dialogue continues on Nov. 15 in the Dominican Republic, and we'll be there," Minister of Communication and Information Jorge Rodriguez told the press.

"I confirm what was said by the head right-wing spokesman, Luis Florido," Rodriguez, who is also head of the government delegation to the talks, added.

Earlier on Thursday, Florido said the MUD was ready for "serious" talks with the progressive government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Rodriguez said that based on previous exchanges between the two sides in September in the Dominican Republic, "a joint document of agreements is being prepared as part of the framework of coexistence and peace that Venezuelans so desire and deserve."

Florido, an opposition deputy, had said "we are willing to assume a new process of serious negotiation," accompanied by representatives of the international community who have participated in the on-again, off-again talks from the start.

"Our people are suffering from hunger, that's why the political leadership must commit to providing solutions," added Florido.

Earlier this year, Venezuela witnessed a months-long political crisis as the MUD led street protests to try to stop Maduro's government from electing a National Constituent Assembly but failed.