Philippines (FN), Nov. 13 - Russia has decided to provide assistance and support for the upcoming 2018 election and agree with all actions taken by Prime Minister Hun Sen in maintaining security and political stability.

The decision was made during a talk between Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the ASEAN summit on Monday.

In addition to providing assistance, Dmitry will also send observers to assist the election.

Dmitry said that Cambodia is Russian’s close friend, and Russia fully supported Cambodia for not allowing foreigners to interfere into internal affairs.

Russian prime minister also signed a deal to repair and renovate the Russian hospital.

PM Hun Sen also requested Dmitry Medvedev to consider removing Cambodia's debt. In this regard, the Russian Prime Minister replied that he would set up a working group to study the issue.

The meeting also focused on increasing trade and investment between the two countries.

Both leaders also discussed on opening direct flights from Russia to Sihanoukville.