Manila, Philippines (FN), Nov 13 - The head of the Royal Government of Cambodia, Prime Minister Hun Sen has fully supported Donald Trump's policy of not interfering in the sovereignty of other states.

His remark was made in front of U.S President Donald Trump and other world leaders at the ASEAN-US Summit in Manila, Philippines, on Tuesday.

Speaking at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Vietnam last week, Donald Trump said "We will cooperate in mutual respect and mutual benefits. We respect your nation's independence and sovereignty. We want you to grow strong and independent, deeply rooted in your historical value and striving for the better future of your people."

Then, referring to that, PM Hun Sen said "The US Embassy in Phnom Penh is only not neutral with regard to Cambodia's problems, but is also for the candidate of US presidential election itself. I would like to inform you that if the U.S really implement your new policy of respect for the independence and sovereignty of other countries, the US will have many friends with respect and love. In years past, I think it is just a matter of who dares to say and who not that the previous US Administrations had used democracy and human rights in order to interfere into the internal affairs of others', and we again and again have become the victims because of the actions of those under your command as they are working out of your policy line."

“Your Excellency's policy is being reviewed, but the U.S embassy in Phnom Penh has not made any change. We are making laws and they prevent us. We are prevented for just implementing our rule of law. For this, I believe Your Excellency will have to advise them because it is a very important principle for not interfering into internal affairs of others'”, he added.