Phnom Penh (FN), Nov. 23 - Investors from major Swiss companies visited Cambodia in order to seek investment opportunities after seeing Cambodia's development momentum.

While visiting Cambodia, Prime Minister Hun Sen offered them opportunities to meet him on Thursday them at the Peace Palace.

The investors come from banks and finance companies, real estate developers and construction companies.

Credit Suisse's managing director Adreas Gerber informed the premier that the purpose of the visit was a fact-finding about Cambodia's economic situation.

PM Hun Sen also mentioned to delegates that Cambodia still prioritized four key areas for development in Cambodia, including Human Resource Development, Water, Road and Electricity.

The premier said that Swiss companies should invest in banking and finance sector as Credit Suisse is an international bank.

In addition, he also encouraged them to invest in human resources and tourism because currently Cambodia has about 5.5 million tourists and expected to receive about 5.8 million foreign tourists in 2017.

PM Hun Sen also encouraged investment companies to set up packaging companies and called Swiss investors to invest in Cambodia to profit and provide jobs to Cambodian citizens.