It was a great disappointment with some pro-opposition foreign individuals who have been trying to inflate the political situation in Cambodia, by claiming that “democracy in Cambodia was over by the November 16th ruling that saw the dissolution of the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP),” and, even worse, with that song being chorused by a few Cambodians.

Such exaggeration was completely far from true. Its root steered from their anger towards Cambodia[`s government] who they allegedly blamed was behind the CNRP`s dissolution, while they refused to accept the fact that CNRP committed international conspiracy and treason.

We were confused by the practice of democracy – was it based on the pre-determined rule or on the lips of someone who kept trying to hinder Cambodia`s development by all mean?
Probably felt ashamed by their failed plot against Cambodia`s government – thanks to Kem Sokha`s shameless tongue, some foreign individuals again attempted to hamper Cambodia by claiming this nation was not practicing human rights and multiparty democracy – a repeat of their previous statement.
Following the 1991 Paris Peace Accord, a new government was established based on the UNTAC-supported election`s result in 1993.

International communities have since supported war-torn Cambodia to develop and restore its human rights and democracy. Many of them showed us how to commit to the rule of laws.
However, while Cambodia was strictly implementing its laws, including in a case against international conspiracy and treason committed by CNRP and some politicians, those foreign individuals claimed such implementation was outlaw and against democracy, demanding Cambodia`s government to free any detainees.

What do they really want from Cambodia? Would they want to see Cambodia totally bowing down to all of their commands and paved political pathways? Would they want Cambodia`s government to surrender all of their legitimate responsibilities and duties as a state and let them control its fate, like they once did during the General Lon Nol`s regime? If these conditions were met, would they still be happy and claim that Cambodia was observing democracy and human rights even though Cambodia didn`t implement the rule of laws?

They have been inflating the situation in Cambodia and shy of accepting the fact that what the opposition had been doing had seriously violated Cambodia`s Constitution, the Amendment of Political Party Law and the Political Party Law.
They were blindly trying to uncover CNRP`s offense, as the opposition and Kem Sokha were the only last resort they could employ to destroy Cambodia`s peace and development.

Nonetheless, the Royal Government of Cambodia, who has always kept the country`s and people`s interest high, has intervened timely to foil any foreign-backed “color revolution” by CNRP to topple the legitimate government.
CNRP and its ring leaders has long called for the so-called “color revolution” in Cambodia since after the 2013 election, inciting allegedly vote irregularities – an excuse CNRP employed to build up their strength for mass demonstration. As a result, roadblocks and minor riots were resorted to “test the water” to see if they could begin Yugoslavia and Serbia-modeled revolutions.

Did the authority`s law implementation against the CNRP and its ringleaders` offenses cause the demise of Cambodia`s democracy and human rights? Was the CPP-led government – the one that had rescued the country from Pol Pot`s genocide regime and struggled to develop this nation since 1979 – the one that put an end to its own democracy? Was it possible that a dad who had savored and brought up his child was the murder of his own child? It was ridiculous because he sacrificed a lot.

If Cambodia`s democracy was dead, the real culprits who should take all the responsibilities were the former CNRP`s leaders who conspired with some foreign individuals and killed the democracy and human rights just because they envied with the Hun Sen`s government who were striving to build good name and popularity for Cambodia on the international stage.

A few foreign individuals who were up against Cambodian people`s interest felt jealous with PM Hun Sen who has led the country to the development and regional and international recognition on the basis of fairness with other nations.