As of now, this might be the hundredth times that the leaders and supporters of the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) have prayed for Cambodia to fall into civil wars, like in some countries bombarded by the Allies or overthrown by the Western-backed “color revolutions.”

However, their wish was not granted, and instead they were arrested or forced into self-exile.

They were deserved these legal measures because they tried again and again to harm their own nation and people`s harmony.

By their nature, they dared to do everything to fulfill their vicious ambition to the power even though it meant they had to bow their head down to foreigners and Cambodian people`s happiness was sacrificed.

They tried to emulate what had happened in some Africa and Arab countries by fueling people`s anger, incitement and destabilizing political situation, all of which were threats to the country`s development and prosperity. These were the opposition`s expertise.

It was ridiculous when the opposition politicians – some were barred from politics and the others were in self-exile, specifically fugitive Sam Rainsy – in broad daylight dream raised in an interview with allied foreign media that PM Hun Sen would be overthrown from power, like former President Robert Mugabe of Zambabwe, and called for the Western, including the U.S. and European Union, to sanction against Cambodia and the ruling party.

The convicted Sam Rainsy added that what had happened in Zimbabwe would be a lesson and experience for Cambodia.

Yet, this was not the first time the convicted made such an appeal, mainly because he was envied with the popularity of the Cambodia People`s Party and PM Hun Sen, who most Cambodians were confident in his leadership, as well as his promise to safeguard peace and development.

As the opposition failed in their many attempts to overthrow CPP through elections, the party notoriously plotted an Western-conspired attempt to topple the legitimate government through mean of “revolution” and mass demonstration. However, their plan was foiled in time.

Every time a country`s leadership was changed, the former opposition`s politicians always compared it and prayed for it to happen in Cambodia.

Self-deported Sam Rainsy and some ban-serving politicians were trying to fuel public anger – a trap set up by their foreign boss to harm Cambodia`s peace and development.
What the former opposition`s politicians keened to emulate from the cases in Yugoslavia, Libya, Tunisia, and Chile, etc. was illegal “color revolution.”

Even worse, they were starving for leadership changes like in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, by calling for Allies bombardment – an appeal against Cambodia`s law and democracy.
They raised that Cambodia`s government would be topple just like the case in Zimbabwe. This translated into that the opposition wanted to grasp the power by coup d’états. Are these signs of nationalism, democracy and human right?

What they did equated to incitement and fueling public anger, but they have never been responsible.

What they could do was to betray and harm its own nation and hamper its own economy, through appealing for cease of foreign donor and investment or boycott Cambodia`s products.

They were irresponsible and selfish; they harmed Cambodian people`s live and interest. If Sam Rainsy, Mu Sokhua, Eng Chhay Eang, Kem Sokha`s relatives and other former opposition party`s members loved Cambodia, why did they make such appeal? And why did they call for Japan to cease its assistance for infrastructure sector? And if they loved Cambodian people like what they had boasted, why did they appeal for the U.S. and European Union to boycott Cambodia`s products and lift subsidized import quota?
This was a destructing policy. Whenever they stirred the political situation in Cambodia, they fled the country to live a comfortable life abroad by leaving the people behind.

The former oppositions should accept the fact that the majority​ of the Cambodian people recognized that how long a Cambodia was under the rule of person was not as important as the country and its people enjoyed peace, political stability, development and prosperity.

Cambodia`s fate laid in their hands; no foreign individuals or nations should interfere!

Any attempts to overthrow the legitimate government by “color revolution” were an act against people`s will and looked down at the majority of the Cambodian people who casted their vote for CPP.

The deceitful oppositions always denied the facts and defended their offenses, and their Western-puppet ringleader made declaration again and again to nullify their offenses which were illegal and violated Cambodia`s rule of laws. They were hunger for their Allies to apply full-scale pressures and sanctions against Cambodia and its own people, only to fulfill their vicious, foreign-backed plan for modern colonization on Cambodia.

If the opposition party was dissolved and their high-profile members were dismissed of political rights on treason case, they should stop haunting Cambodian people. They should allow true Cambodian nationalists to build on the existing peace and development for the next generations because Cambodia was fed up with the claims of a Communist and dictatorship state or human right violator. This country had been heavily bombarded and has been under international political pressure for long enough.

What the opposition party and its foreign boss was doing these days only culminated the evidence of their offenses, and Cambodia was ready to propel such unfair and destructive acts by the opposition.

It was even more apparent that the measures taken by the Cambodia`s government against CNRP and its members were correct in a bid to pull Cambodia out from another civil war and to safeguard peace and development.

Please do not try to reincarnate CNRP to continue its destructing policy. Without CNRP`s presence, Cambodia was more harmonious and stable, and was less under physical and mental threats.