Phnom Penh (FN), Dec. 6 - Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia, reacted strongly to the repeated incitement of Sam Rainsy, who encouraged the national armed forces to overthrow the government. The premier called Mr. Rainsy's incitement "an act of betrayal from father to son".

His remark was made during his meeting with 15,742 garment workers on Wednesday morning.

“A traitor declared a war and this has been practiced by many of his own generations. He is now urging the national armed forces to overthrow the government”, stated the premier.

The Prime Minister said that if the rebellion clearly occurs, the war would happen, but the premier ensured Cambodian people that as long as he is present, there would be no war.

Top commanders and troops in Cambodia reacted strongly and condemned Sam Rainsy, who was leaving the country after his incitement.