Phnom Penh (FN), Dec. 6 – This is the transcript of Sam Rainsy talk in Paris on 02 December 2017, and his statement was posted on his Official Facebook Page on 5 December 2017. Sam Rainsy launched the following “Appeal to the soldiers and policemen not to obey orders from any dictators if they order you to shoot and kill innocent people “.

1) Another problem is the case of armed forces. We look at the examples from around the world; there would be a time when the armed forces will no longer listen to the authoritarian leader’s order to kill the people.

2) We said that Hun Sen is not immortal. We must not risk our lives to protect Hun Sen. We must not depend our future on HUN SEN.

3) For the high-ranking generals stealing people’s land, destroying the forest, trafficking illicit drugs who amassed huge amount of wealth, once we topple the corrupt regime and with the regime change, we will confiscate the wealth from those generals and donate them to the soldiers. Rest assured that soldiers’ salaries will be increased, especially for those who risk their lives guarding the land, cutting and transporting logs for the corrupt generals.

4) Do whatever we can to motivate the rank and file armed forces so that one day they will neither listen to Hun Sen’s order, nor that of the high-ranking generals to kill the people.

5) By not complying with their order and not killing the people, then it simply means that we would win.

6) As in Egypt, when Mubarak was ousted in 2011, the soldiers simply told Mubarak that we, the armed forces would not kill the people. The armed forces would not intervene; the armed forces would not stage a coup; they simply told Mubarak that we cannot obey such an order.

7) I believe that in Cambodia, it would happen one day that a large number of top generals such as Kun Kim, Tea Banh who swore absolute fidelity to Hun Sen, but I believe that still there are also other soldiers who do not listen to Hun Sen, but they dare not to speak out.

8) So, we must provoke and start provoking the armed forces into thinking that Hun Sen is coming to a dead end and thus they should not risk their lives to protect Hun Sen any longer.

9) They (government) claimed that the international pressure will never happen. Past or present situations, whatever they have done, there has not been any international reaction.

10) Cases related to investment, visa, asset appropriation from the authoritarian and corrupt leaders from Cambodia who hide their assets abroad have now been revealed which have led to their assets confiscated.

11) At that time, some military commanders will also be dissatisfied with Hun Sen due to the fact that, with their wealth have been hidden, with their family members including wives and relatives having been sent to live in the United States, Australia; but with such a single and sudden move by Hun Sen, it makes them incur all losses. Now, they can neither enter nor leave the US.

12) I believe that those military commanders will one day split from Hun Sen. It is not tenable that Hun Sen sends them to die and they dare to die on his behalf.

13) We will continue staging political and psychological warfare. Alongside the international reactions, other various forms will take place.

14) Very soon, according to a resolution that I have heard and is preparing for its implementation is that the US will put pressure on investment, market access and loan.

15) It is mistaken that Hun Sen said he would rely on China only. It is completely wrong to say that China can replace the US.

16) It can be likened that when Pol Pot killed the people, and as he knew that the West would condemn him, so he turned to China. And only China supported Pol Pot.

17) Now, exactly the same case applies to Hun Sen. Dissolving CNRP, violating human rights and maltreating the people, he is condemned by the West; he turns to China. The two scenarios are the same.

18) The idea that China alone suffices to keep Hun Sen alive and free is completely wrong.

19) Pol Pot also collapsed because of economic embargo. Internally collapsed because of weakness, it could not prevent the attack from outside.

20) In the case of Hun Sen, the economy will soon collapse. The people will get very frustrated.

21) We must do whatever we can to turn the people’s frustration into protests and together with the armed forces, by starting to grasp the situation and join hands in getting rid of Hun Sen.