Phnom Penh (FN), Jan. 3 - Prime Minister Hun Sen strongly urged the administration chief, and supervisors in ministries, institutions, public and private sectors, and other senior position holders to stop abusing workers.

In addition, he asked all levels of government officials and officers to stop insulting ordinary citizens.

The statement was made when the premier held a meeting with 13,000 garment workers from 13 factories located in Toul Sangke, Phnom Penh on Wednesday.

"You can do anything, but can not insult the workers. Workers must have rights. Workers are not slave,“ said Prime Minister Hun Sen.

The premier has asked for the support from the ministries, institution, state and private sectors to dismiss or fine those who insult the workers.

He said that Cambodia has enforced labor law and this law provided freedom for workers. People must respect each other in order to achieve harmonization in Cambodian factories.

The premier called on people to maintain peace because peace ensures development in the country, which brings jobs and income opportunities for workers and increases revenue annually.