Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 13 - Prime Minister called Cambodian young women to avoid offering their bodies to their boyfriends as the celebration of Valentine's Day addressed to over 4,000 graduates of Western University on Tuesday in Phnom Penh’s Diamond Island.

“Tomorrow, February 14, is the day of love! It’s not Khmer culture, but we can not prevent it. I ask for one thing, just do not sacrifice your virgin for your boyfriend on that day. "

Cambodian youths favored buying gifts, roses, or even sacrifice virginity to express their loves that seriously affect the culture of Cambodia.

Most Cambodian viewed Valentine’s Day as the day of love for boyfriend/girlfriend, so the premier asked all Cambodians to change the day of boyfriends/girlfriend love to the day of love for parents, families, relatives, nation and Khmer culture.