Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 27 – The rapid development of Cambodia attracts and motivates both local and foreign investors to spread their investment seeds in this beautiful country. The potential of Cambodia admits of no doubts, in particular, with the growth of financial sector, such as banking, insurance, stock markets and derivatives markets etc., which have given a robust and assuring financial base and significant amount of job opportunities to Cambodia.

Derivatives trading, like foreign exchanges (forex) and spot gold, have been regulated by the
Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) for nearly two years. Goldwell Capital Co., Ltd is an international derivatives brokerage firm. It has the absolute commitment to Cambodian financial market and valuable clients, to provide the diversified financial instruments trading under the protection of SECC regulation. In addition, Goldwell is always ensuring that it provides the ultimate trading experience in line with international standards, providing transparent, fair and reliable trading environment, and professional customer service.

Leadership and international perspectives are the essentials for Goldwell management team.
Goldwell has a firm belief of successful investment depending largely on how investors are interconnected with globalized financial markets. Having international perspectives, Goldwell’s management team has gained professional experience under international business practices in a way that Goldwell can broaden its clients understanding of the latest global market news of finance, technologies, geopolitics and economic.
Mr. Chea Punlok, the Chief Executive Officer of Goldwell Capital Co., Ltd, is a leader with international perspective and broad vision. Having earned a Master of Science in Management and accomplished numerous courses of leadership, motivation and human resource, Mr. Punlok became an Operation Executive from 2009 to 2016, providing vast amounts of corporate solutions and leading teams to align the business strategy with the needs of clients.

In 2016, he joined the management to establish Golden FX Link (Cambodia) Co., Ltd, leading the company to become the 1st licensed financial company in Cambodia while both licenses of Central Counter Party and Derivatives Broker (License number: 001) were granted by the
SECC. With his expertise on analyzing the financial market, he became Customer Service and
Risk Manager in August 2017. In the same year, he was presented the “Best Team Spirit
Award”, acknowledged his outstanding performance on operation and system control. Because of Mr. Punlok’s sizeable accomplishments and excellent leadership skills, talents were attracted to join the Golden FX Link continuously.

Ms. Lanh Sreyneath is a Derivatives Representative who obtained Bachelor of Economics. She also has completed the derivatives training, held by the SECC, to admit her qualification of Derivatives Representative. Spending years of experience in financial sector, she has become a specialist in derivatives trading. The effort that Ms. Sreyneath contributed to lead her team for effectively achieving company goals, she won the award of the best team spirit in 2017, marking another milestone in her career.

Ms. Sreyneath believed that compliance and education are both vital elements to protect the investors. In her vision, licensed financial firm should develop trading training courses for clients to understand trading, the financial market and compliance, in order to protect the investors and broaden profitable opportunities.
What is the role of Goldwell in Cambodia derivatives market?

Mr. Chea Punlok, the Chief Executive Officer of Goldwell Capital Co., Ltd said that Leading Cambodia derivatives market to align with international standard, and providing ultimate trading experience to investors are the missions of Goldwell. Goldwell is acting as an ambassador, building the bridge to bring the local taste to international level, and to attract the foreign investors to invest in Cambodia, and to accelerate the economic growth as well as to strengthen the financial system of Cambodia.
Mr. Punlok is confident on leading Goldwell to become an ambassador of Cambodian derivatives market. He had experience on working with multinational business partners, including American, Chinese, French and Japanese etc. Business strategy of Goldwell is aim to be introduced to worldwide Individual Financial Advisers and retail clients from oversea to invest in Cambodia.

What do you see between Goldwell and the SECC?
Mr. Punlok added that the trade and operation of Goldwell strictly adhere with the regulations of the SECC on developing and maintaining the confidence of investors in Cambodia. We always ensure that trades and services are carried out in a fair and transparent manner to encourage both domestic and foreign investment to participate in Cambodia market.

Recently, the SECC visited other countries concerning financial system, namely their regulation and operation, such as China and Indonesia. We see Goldwell as an ambassador of Cambodian derivatives trading. In 2016, my team and I had organized a local tour for Supervisory Committee of the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange. One of the extraordinary memory was visiting Angkor Wat, one of the ten wonders of world. What we do is not only about finance but cultural exchange as well.

How does Goldwell provide for derivatives trading in Cambodia?
Ms. Lanh Sreyneath responded that being a derivatives brokerage firm in Cambodia, Goldwell has the absolute commitment to contribute professional customer services, diversified financial instruments and trading platforms by providing the policy of transparency and education to clients about market knowledge. We strive to ensure our clients have ultimate trading experience reaching the international standards. Besides, Goldwell management team has the global perspective, which will lead the company to provide boarder trading strategies with profitable investment opportunities to clients from all over the world, not limited to Cambodia only. We have passion for showing the potential of Cambodia to the world.

How does Forex trading work?
Ms. Lanh Sreyneath explained that each country has its own currency, such as Cambodia (KHR), United States (USD), and European Union (EUR). Currency is determined by market forces based on trades of goods, investment and tourism. If we look at the trade of goods between importing and exporting countries, then we will see how the exchange rate changes. For example, the United States imports goods from European Union, the United States has to convert its transacting currency into Euro, which leads to an increase in Euro against USD. This is just an example, chances are when investors can take advantage of exchange rate fluctuations.
When do investors make profit? (Suggested answered by Lanh)

There are many factors affecting the value of each country’s currency, such as domestic economic change or political instability in the country. For example, in June 2016, the United Kingdom (UK) voted to withdraw from the European Union, then, sterling pounds fell sharply because British and the global market were worried that the UK could suffer severe economic turmoil or even political instability. On the other hand, traders may also be able to take advantage of sterling pound. If the UK had not parted with the European Union, traders could have long bought sterling pound because they would have thought the British economy would still be promising.

Apart from Forex, investors can choose to buy or sell commodities, such as precious metals, oils and so on. Recently, we have seen oil rising just above $70 per barrel. The reason for the fluctuation was a meeting for agreements to reduce supply of oils from OPEC and non-OPEC countries led by Russia. The deal aims at raising fuel costs, where investors can buy oil for profit. Conversely, if the meeting were not implemented, the supply of oil remained and a profitable opportunity for investors would be to sell oil. In derivatives market, investors can look for opportunities by closely studying the economic data of various countries.
Is there any risk involved in derivatives trading?

Mr. Punlok commented that Yes, it is, just like all kinds of investments. For example, when you purchase a piece of land or house, you would prefer to earn profit by the rising value of your assets, however, when its value declines, you will lose your money. In forex and spot gold market, one can gain profit through two options, buy or sell commodities, to make money grow, alongside with good risk management by setting stop loss and take profit based on financial capability while entering the markets. That is the reason why Goldwell is ready to provide education on market knowledge to clients.