Australia (FN), March 13 - Cambodian ambassador to Australia Koy Kuong, on Tuesday, considered news from the opposition groups saying that the Australian government will not welcome Prime Minister Hun Sen as a false, deceptive, and misleading news.

The ambassador said that Australia is the host country, so Australia officially invited 10 ASEAN leaders, including Prime Minister Hun Sen, while the premier also pledged to attend the summit.

He added that so far, the ASEAN Summit host committee also collaborates with the Cambodian Embassy in Australia to organize and warmly welcome a delegation that will be led by the premier.

Prime Minister Hun Sen's success in leading the delegation to the summit is also a success of Australia as the host.

According to the ambassador, there will be a bilateral meeting between Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on cooperation in all fields, especially the relationship between the two countries.