Sydney, Australia (FN), March 17 - Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen asked Cambodians to support and buy Cambodian agricultural products that were brought to sell in Australia.

His remark was made during a meeting with more than 500 Cambodians living in Australia and New Zealand in Sydney on Saturday night.

"Please help buy Khmer goods sold in Australia, and when Cambodia organizes its exhibition, please go and visit Cambodian various products, including pepper and cashew nuts", he added.

Supporting Khmer products help encourage local products and raise people's living standards. In fact, over half of the premier's food is from local.

The premier added that even when he went to Australia, he was also buying Cambodian goods to eat, as some products only existed in Cambodia.

In addition, PM Hun Sen has asked Cambodians in Australia to buy "Mee Yeung", a local noodle brand, that are being sold in Australia as it is a Khmer product that is distributed by Men Sarun company.