Phnom Penh (FN), March 21 - Radio Free Asia (RFA)'s former reporter Ratha Visal said that RFA's internal regulations strictly prohibit staff from providing internal information to other organizations.

He added that if employees violated or had secret appointments with government officials without permission from their superior, they will be fired.

Fresh News CEO Lim Chea Vutha held an interview with Ratha Visal on Wednesday afternoon, regarding Chun Chanbuth's case.

FN CEO: Is the secret meeting between Cambodian government officials and Chun Chanbuth, RFA's managing director, contradicted RFA's Internal Regulations? And if it's wrong, what does the RFA do?

Ratha Visal: RFA's Ethics and Internal Regulations prohibits any staff from releasing RFA's internal information. The case of Chun Chanbuth is contrary to the regulations. Having a secret meeting with government officials and providing internal information is a serious mistake.

According to Ratha Visal, Chun Chanbuth did not only have a secret meeting with General Mao Sophan for assistance, but also secretly had lunch with General Mao Sophan for nearly two hours.

So far, Chun Chanbuth has not yet publicly reacted to Ratha Visal's claims, and it is not known whether the RFA will open an investigation into the case.