JAKARTA, May 16 (Xinhua) -- One policeman was killed and 4 militants were shot dead in an attack on a police headquarters in Riau province of Indonesia on Wednesday, police said.

A minivan with 4 to 6 people inside intruded the compound of the police headquarters at 09:00 a.m. Jakarta time, but it was stopped by other cars. Suddenly the militants exited the car and immediately stage strikes with swords against policemen, provincial police spokesman Sunarto said.

Two policemen were injured in the sword attacks and another was killed after being hit by the minivan which was trying to escape the compound of the headquarters, he added.

"So far there are 4 perpetrators whom we have shot dead. One of them is being checked by a bomb squad," he was quoted by Kompas TV as saying, referring to a suspected bomb strapped to the militant's body.

A footage showed that a man lying on the ground with a sword next to his body.

State news wires Antara said that two journalists who were at the headquarters were also wounded.

The police earlier disclosed that 8 militants with a white minivan launched the attacks.

The police said they are hunting for the militants escaping the compound.

The attack comes days after a series of terrorist strikes in the country, including suicide bombings in three churches on Sunday in Surabaya city, the provincial capital of East Java and a suicide bombing at the police headquarters in the city, which left at least 25 people dead and dozens of others injured.