Phnom Penh (FN), June 4 – Presiding over the celebration of the 11th Anniversary of Cambodian Veterans on Monday at Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Center, Prime Minister Hun Sen announced that the new mandate of the Royal Government of Cambodia will fund $186 for each pregnant women, effective from mid-2019.

“Each will receive $10 for 4 times during pregnancy, $20 when giving birth and $50 for 10 times until the kids reach 2 years," stated the premier.

The funding will cost nearly $5 million in the first year, $7.7 million in the second year, and will increase to more than $10 million in the third year. However, this spending will not affect the current national budget, and the premier expects the amount of funding to decrease as the people's living standard improve.

Prime Minister Hun Sen regards the introduction of the new policy as a precursor of the government led by Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) to ease the difficulties of the people.

The Royal Government has funded civil servants, armed forces and pregnant workers.

The pregnant will receive $100 when they give birth to one child, $200 for a twin, and $300 for a triplet.