Phnom Penh (FN), June 21 - The National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) announced on Thursday on her official Facebook page that any individual who does not accept payment in Cambodian currency (KHR) in the kingdom shall be liable for a fine of 100 times the amount of the payment, according to Article 64.

The announcement was made to condemn those who did not accept Cambodian riel as practiced by some shops based in Cambodia according to Facebook source.

In case of the unacceptance of Cambodian currency, Cambodian citizens can file a complaint to the competent authority, enclosing the necessary evidence to take legal action against those who do not accept the currency.

Article 43 of law on the organization and functioning of the NBC stipulated that notes issued by the Central Bank and not withdrawn from circulation shall be legal tender within Cambodia and notes shall be valid for payment of unlimited amount.