Phnom Penh (FN), June 27 - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen urged taxi owners not to increase taxi fee during the election, addressing to over 24,000 workers from five factories in Sameakki Mean Chey District, south of Kampong Chhnang Province, in central Cambodia.

“I would like to call on taxi owners not to increase the price when workers use taxi to go to vote. We provided free buses for people during Khmer New Year, but it is difficult for us to arrange free buses for this upcoming election; buses are required in Phnom Penh,” said Prime Minister Hun Sen.

He also appealed for workers to cooperate with the Royal Government and authorities at all levels and factory owners to avoid drugs and cliques in factories, but embrace solidarity and ensure stability at factories .

“If we could achieve all these [avoid drugs and cliques], we will have long-term benefits, and investors would trust and invest more in our country,” he underlined.

“Let’s ask how much the different it is of Kompong Chhnang between then and now,” he stressed.

The Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training also required the employers or owners of factories/enterprises/institutions to offer a three-day off for employees and workers from 28-30 July 2018 with normal wages and regular work bonus, according to the ministry's announcement on 20 June 2018.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) allowed students to take three-day off from 28-30 July, 2018, to take part in the July’s elections, according to the ministry's letter addressed to president, head, and rector of every higher education institution on 25 June.

The decision was made to facilitate workers, employees and students to participate in the 6th mandate National Assembly election.

The July's election will be held on 29 July 2018, with the participations of 20 political parties.