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DAMASCUS, Oct. 14 (Xinhua) -- The Syrian army entered the northeastern town of Tall Tamr on Monday, state news agency SANA reported, a day after the Syrian government reached a deal with the Kurdish forces to counter the Turkish assault in the region.

The army entered Tall Tamr in the countryside of Hasakah Province with the Syrian flag has been hoisted in several areas of the province, SANA said.

A day earlier, Damascus reached a Russia-backed agreement with the Kurdish-led forces to assume control of some Kurdish-held areas to counter Turkey's military progress.

The Kurdish Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, better known as Rojava, said on Sunday that an agreement had been reached with the Syrian government regarding the Turkish assault.

"An agreement has been reached with the Syrian government for the entry and deployment of the Syrian army along the Syrian-Turkish border to aid the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in facing the Turkish offensive and re-capturing areas that fell to the Turkish forces," Rojava said in a statement.

The agreement also allows for liberating other Syrian areas such as Afrin that fell to the Turkey-backed rebels in 2018.

On Wednesday, Turkey started the military campaign in northern Syria in an attempt to eliminate the SDF and its umbrella, the People's Protection Units, which are both deemed by Ankara as separatists and terrorists.

The Turkish operation also aims to create a safe zone in northern Syria to resettle millions of Syrian refugees.

The move came after the withdrawal of the U.S. forces from northern Syria, which was seen as a sign of abandoning the Kurdish forces that are considered as Washington's allies in fighting the Islamic State militants in Syria.