BEIJING, March 24 (CNN) - All international travelers arriving in Beijing, regardless of their final destinations, will be quarantined and tested for the coronavirus at designated government facilities at their own expense, Chinese authorities announced today.

The procedures will also apply to people arriving in Beijing after entering China through a different port of entry within the past 14 days.

The new rules will take effect Wednesday, amid continued concerns over the rising number of imported cases coming to China from overseas.

The government reported 78 new cases nationwide on Monday, of which 74 were imported.

Previous measures: Authorities have previously ordered all Beijing-bound international flights diverted to 12 other Chinese cities for health screenings, as well as immigration and customs clearance. Only passengers deemed healthy and low-risk are allowed to continue their travel to Beijing.

With a few exceptions, travelers arriving from abroad whose final destination is Beijing are already required to undergo a 14-day quarantine at government-designated facilities at their own expense.