BOLIVIA, March 25 (CNN) - Bolivia's interim president declared a state of emergency and nationwide lockdown on Wednesday, to Go into effect on Thursday at midnight.

It will last through April 15, said interim president Jeanine Anez.

In an address to the nation late Wednesday, Anez said Bolivians hadn't followed the government-ordered mandatory quarantine measures -- so the risk of infection is now higher, and needs more stringent containment measures.

All borders will be closed, and no public or private vehicles will be allowed to travel except for certain essential reasons.

"No one leaves, nor does anyone enter the country, except for security and health reasons," said Anez.
Nobody is allowed to leave their homes at all on weekends, when "all outings are prohibited" except for medical or security emergencies, she said.

During the week, one person per household between the ages of 18-65 are allowed to go outside to buy groceries. This designated shopper will be assigned a weekday, and can only go outside on that day, according to a communique from the Bolivian state-news agency ABI, citing Anez.

Bolivia now has 39 cases of the coronavirus and no deaths, according to the health authorities.