ROME, April 27 (Reuters) - Italy will allow some businesses to start reopening as soon as this week as it continues to record a decline in new COVID-19 infections.

In a newspaper interview published on Sunday, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte outlined his administration's plan to reopen the economy.

Conte earlier said Italy's manufacturing industry will start reopening on May 4 but businesses frequented by the general public such as bars, restaurants and learning institutions will remain closed until September.

"We are working in these hours to allow the reopening of a good part of businesses from manufacturing to construction for May 4," Conte told Italian daily La Repubblica.

The Prime Minister noted that Italy's exporting companies need to resume activity sooner to reduce the risk of being cut out of the production chain and losing business.

"We can't prolong any further this lockdown... we would risk seriously undermining the socio-economic fabric of the country," Conte said.

He however reiterated that any restart would be done gradually, with companies expected to introduce strict health safety measures before opening their doors.

He also said the government would monitor businesses to ensure they are following the set guidelines.

Just like Italy, many other countries are considering reopening their economies in a bid to revive their struggling economies.