CANBERRA, April 29 (CNN) - Australia has recorded a low number of coronavirus cases to date, but Prime Minister Scott Morrison said this does not mean success for the country.

"What does success look like in a Covid-19 world? It doesn’t just look like having a low number of cases, that’s welcome. But If we were to consider our success on Covid-19 as just having a low number of cases, that’s not good enough. And that’s not what our government is seeking to achieve," Morrison said in a news conference today.

"We have had great success in flattening our curve. But having a low number of cases but having Australians out of work; having a low number of cases and children not receiving in-classroom education; businesses not being open ... that’s not what success looks like."

Morrison encouraged citizens to download the CovidSafe app, a voluntary coronavirus contact tracing app that's designed to to help health authorities trace people who may have come into contact with someone who has Covid-19.

Since its launch of Sunday, about 2.8 million people have downloaded the app, Morrison said.

"It's important for a Covid safe Australia ... it is the 'ticket' for the ease of restrictions," he said. "Convince people to download the app if you want to see us return to an ease in restrictions."
Australia has recorded at least 6,744 coronavirus cases, including 89 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.